Best Weekend Getaway Destinations in Ontario

June 1, 2022 Car Rental

Ontario is an extremely beautiful province that deserves to be explored on the road. It has an amazing landscape with lush green fields and a collection of small towns scattered across the province, that are very pleasing. Summer is one of the best times to travel on the road and explore the province to absorb […] full post

4 places to visit in Ontario this summer

May 27, 2022 Car Rental

Must-See Summer Destinations in Ontario! Even though Canada has cold and melancholically beautiful winters, most people perceive Canada to be cold throughout the year. However, this isn’t true. In fact, Canada gets warm summer for a few months with lush green pastures and clear water lakes. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful countries […] full post

Why corporate rentals are beneficial for businesses & why Advantage is the perfect choice for that

May 25, 2022 Car Rental

Transportation is a crucial aspect of operations & management for many businesses. Businesses are required to be able to cater to their clientele on their terms. Access to transportation greatly increases flexibility and management efficiency. Yes, the purchase and management of vehicles can be an extremely stressful process. This is more relatable for small to […] full post

4 Easy Tips For After You Rent A Car

February 10, 2022 Car Rental

4 Easy Tips For After You Rent A Car So you’ve landed in a new city and you’re ready to hit the road, Already daydreaming about that comfy hotel bed and some delicious room service. But it’s important to take a minute and get to know what will be your only mode of transportation for […] full post

Staycation Tax Credit for Residents of Ontario

February 2, 2022 Car Rental

Take Advantage of the 2022 “Staycation Tax Credit” for Residents of Ontario The arrival of 2022 brings with it a host of new laws and a tax credit to encourage people and their families to travel within the province of Ontario. The credit returns 20% of accommodation expenses to individuals and families to help them […] full post

The Do’s and Don’ts of Renting a Car

January 11, 2022 Car Rental

The Do’s and Don’ts of Renting a Car When you’re travelling, renting a car is almost a necessity. Unfortunately, many people make some common mistakes when they rent a car. This can make the trip more stressful than it needs to be. Well, that said, here are a few do’s and donts of renting a […] full post

Checklist for getting a rental car at Toronto Airport

September 28, 2020 Car Rental

Getting a Rental Car at Toronto Airport? You Need This Checklist Here’s how to prepare for your car rental Renting a car from the Toronto airport seems like a straightforward process. It should be no different than renting a car anywhere else. Yet, if you come unprepared, you risk wasting time and money. Here’s a […] full post

Why we don’t use the tires on rental cars till they are completely used up

September 14, 2020 Car Rental

As the only component of the vehicle in contact with the ground, safety and control relies heavily on the condition of tires. We make sure every one of our customers enjoys a safe journey by replacing our vehicles’ tires frequently. Unlike other companies, we never wait till the tire is at its minimum tread depth […] full post

Best Features of Our Business Car Rental in Toronto

September 7, 2020 Car Rental

Renting a vehicle a for a business trip is something that can worry even the most experienced of business travelers. “What will be the experience at the rental desk? Will I get the rental car I booked? Are they going to try and upsell some service? Does the company have monthly invoicing for business clients?” […] full post

Best credit cards in Canada for gas station spends

August 13, 2020 Car Rental

Gas rewards – hot air or hard cold cash?! Gas station spends on gas, snack bars and washer fluid may not be the biggest expenditures for Canadians but they are some of the most regular. Use the right credit card and you can make a handsome return on your gas spends and save even more […] full post