The Holidays are in full swing and everybody has places to be, their are office parties and children’s recitals to attend not to mention making sure to spend equal time with all of the relatives even if it means traveling all over the map in the same day to make sure to fit everyone in. Advantage Car and Truck Rentals is here to help!

Choose A Car That Best Suits Your Needs

It is important to choose the right vehicle when you’re planning a holiday road trip. You want everyone to be happy and comfortable and still have lots of room left over for all of your luggage as well as grandma’s famous green bean casserole.

The Ford Fusion is a great choice for smaller families with a light travel day because the inside is spacious with lots of room for everyone and the trunk is large enough for a few days worth of luggage as well as any gifts you may need to bring.

At Advantage, we also offer an assortment of minivans including Toyota Siennas and Dodge Grand Caravans, these are classic family vehicles because of how comfortable they are and how much room they offer for storage, this is definitely recommended for anyone planning on traveling more than a few days this holiday.

If you are looking to show off a little bit, the Range Rover Discovery is the way to go. This highly stylized SUV has it all, it looks great, it drives great and there’s tons for storage for whatever it is you need to travel with.  

Plan Your Route

The highways are always busy around the holiday season especially in the GTA, the 401 is already the busiest highway in North America and it doesn’t get better around this time of year. That is why it is always important to plan your route, start by making sure the car is gassed up, holiday hours can really put a damper on things when you’re about to run out of gas and there are no stations open.

Next make sure to plan your route well in advance, this is the perfect time to take the road less traveled, skip the highways and you might just see something new while avoiding gridlock.

We also advise bring refreshments with you to avoid having to make any unnecessary stops. Stopping at gas stations and convenience stores can be a nightmare because everyone is in just as big of a hurry as you are but weren’t as well prepared.

Stay Focused

It is never OK to use your cell phone while you’re driving so put whoever is in the front passenger seat in charge of the cell phones. This keeps the driver focused on the road while the co pilot can keep track of any incoming calls and texts about changing plans as well as keeping an eye on traffic and road conditions. The Co-Pilot is a trusted position so choose wisely the person will have to make sure to announce up coming turns to the driver as well as choose the music and keep everyone happy.

Have Fun

This may be the most important part of any holiday road trip, Driving at this time of year can be very stressful so it is important to make sure everyone is relaxed and having a good time. Play driving games to pass the time or make sure to pack everyone’s favorite snacks. This is a time for giving and having fun, with Advantage Car and Truck Rentals, the drive is all apart of the fun.

Have A Safe And Happy Holidays From All Of Us Here At Advantage