Picking The Right Moving Truck Rental

Advantage Car and Truck Rentals is proud to offer a whole host of options when it comes to utility vehicles. Moving Trucks (Cube Trucks), Ford Transit Vans, Pickup Trucks and are built to make your life easier. Check out our reviews of the different vehicles in our utility fleet for a more in-depth look at each truck, this article is focused on helping you decide which truck would be best for your needs.


Moving Trucks

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Let’s start off big, these moving trucks are pretty self-explanatory, their only purpose is for moving large items or lots of items. Tie downs are all along the sides of the box making it easy to secure your load and eliminate the risk of things sliding around. The manufacturer says a one bedroom apartment can completely fit in the back of the truck.
Some planning should go into renting a moving depending on where you are going and how many people you are with. The truck only has two seats so any additional help will require a second vehicle.

Trucks of this size cannot be driven on the 407 ETR without certain classifications so we advice choosing a route that uses the other 400 series highways and surface streets.

Please review our Rules and Regulations of using the 407 ETR In A Rental Linked Below


Utility Vans

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These may be our most versatile rental vehicles, The Ford Transits are basically a smaller version of a moving van. They are perfect for small moves or transporting goods in one trip. We have had people rent these vans for everything from working on movie shoots to moving to just cleaning out their houses.

While the seating is very comfortable and perfect for long distances the vans have the same problem as the moving trucks in that they only have two seats. Extra planning may have to go into your trip depending on how many people you have with you.

We recommend a moving van if you have a smaller apartment or have a lot of property to haul around in one day. As an added benefit there are no restrictions by the 407 ETR for vans of this size.

Please review our Rules and Regulations of using the 407 ETR In A Rental Linked Below.


Pickup Trucks

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Pickup trucks are fantastic because they balance passenger room with cargo space better than anything else on this list. Our Ford F-150s can carry up to 6 passengers in the cab as well as whatever you need to transport in the back.

Pickups are great for those rare times people who live in the GTA would need to carry more than their everyday car can handle.


Ford F250 Advantage Rent a Car

Advantage recommends renting a pickup truck if you are making any large size purchases such as desks or dressers from Costco or Ikea. They are also ideal if you are going away for a weekend and need a lot of room for people and their luggage.  


Check Out Our Usage Policy For The 407 ETR Here