Chances are your March break vacations have been scuppered by the novel coronavirus outbreak. But there’s no harm in dreaming and there’s always April spring activities to look forward to. In the article we are looking at some of the best trips you have to take this springtime.

NOTE: In light of COVID-19, make sure of any public health advisories before you travel outside Toronto. Our vehicles are fully sanitized and our rental desks are operating in compliance with federal and provincial advisories.

Your SO will thank you for filling their Insta feed with such awesome sights.

Tulip festival

The Canadian Tulip Festival is all set to hit Ottawa this spring. Fortunately, this happens mid- to late-May hopefully just when the COVID-19 lockdown will be lifting. Think Netherland’s tulips are pretty? Well this place is gunning for best tulips selfies with more than 1,000,000 blooms! Of course, where are flowers and partners, there is romantic music and art aplenty too. Trust us, your SO will only thank you for this one.

Ziplining in Elora

Romance is best felt when emotions are heightened. When you zipline between cliffs at Elora, you’ll definitely be feeling it! For the adventurous couples, this is an incredible (and incredibly affordable) trip to plan out. All you need is a healthy attitude and the desire to scare yourself and your spouse/significant other silly.

Hiking in Maple Mountain

Hiking alone in a mountain, scary, no? Actually Maple Mountain is a really friendly place to hike. Hidden away in Lady Evelyn-Smoothwater Provincial Park, it is a great place to get some alone time and beautiful views of Ontario. Also, since the trails are only about 2,000 feet above sea level, it’s a safe hiking spot for couples/lovers of all ages.

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Peony Festival

Peonies? In Oshawa? For anyone who’s not a horticulturist peonies are a type of flowers and the seasonal Peony Festival is heading to Oshawa. Stare in amazement at huge fields of peonies. Best of all local artisans flock to the festival too, bringing with them great food, entertainment and an awesome community vibe.

Stargazing in Algonquin

Algonquin Provincial Park is so pristine and so bereft of manmade light that you have some of the best stargazing on offer. Lie on the grass and watch the world turn slowly with your spouse/partner. Seeing the Milky Way really puts our place in the universe in perspective. Best of all, camping together is a great relationship builder and a memorable getaway. Get a quiet and comfortable rental car for your drive to these incredible spots. We are fastidious about cleanliness and every vehicle is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before being handed over. Make sure your next journey is all about the destination, not the worries of getting there.