There will be a time soon when the coronavirus pandemic lockdown will be a distant memory. And then all everyone will need is a sunny holiday to rejuvenate and brush off those ‘work from home’ cobwebs. Since it’s likely to be May or June when ‘stay at home’ stops being the ‘new normal’, we are looking at some of Ontario’s best sun drenched beaches!

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Best Ontario beaches to take a road trip to

The Grotto

The Grotto is an incredibly beautiful cave and rock formation on the Georgian Bay shoreline (Bruce Peninsula Provincial Park). What most people don’t realize is that other than stunning cliff faces, there is a really nice swimming spot too! The small beach can get crowded during summers but get there early and snag a spot close to the water.


Located not far from Toronto, Wasaga is the world’s longest freshwater beach. A smooth stretch of sand as far as the eye can see – Wasaga is another nice Ontario beach located on the shores of the Georgian Bay. A short ride to one of the hottest summer party spots – what could be better?

Brand Bend

Over 40 kilometres of pristine sunny shoreline on Lake Erie – need we say more? Brand Bend Beach is one of the best beaches in Ontario with plenty of space for the thronging crowd that visits it every summer. For those looking for a happening nightline, there are hundreds of restaurants and clubs too.


Did you know Canada has two of the longest freshwater beaches – Sauble is the second longest (Wasaga is longer). An 11 kilometre unbroken stretch of white sand greets sun worshippers. For a bigger thrill visit the Sauble Falls (which you can jump off too!).

Agawa Bay

If you are brave enough to take an 800 km (500 miles) trip to Agawa Bay then you are in for a treat! Pristine beaches untouched by the throngs of tourists that hit the spots around Toronto. As an added bonus, the drive is stunning and you get to cross Agawa Canyon, which offers some of the most breathtaking views in Ontario.

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How to reach the best beaches in Ontario

Most of these beaches can be reached by bus, but we definitely wouldn’t want to be stuck on a crowded bus with hundreds of sweaty revellers. Get a rental car from Toronto instead. Rates start from less than $30 a day (just make sure you book before the summer rush pours in).

Travel safe – follow social distancing guidelines

Public health has kept Ontarians safe during these unprecedented times of Covid-19. Make sure you continue to follow social distancing guidelines the provincial and federal governments release. For our part we are continuing enhanced cleaning and sanitizing for our cars to keep our customers and employees safe.

What is the warmest lake in Ontario?

Looking for a warm spot to swim? Crystal beach is where you need to be. Located on Lake Erie, it is one of Canada’s most southern lakes and benefits from the warmer waters of the lake. It sees visitors from upstate New York, Niagara and the GTA. Make sure you get there early because it can get crowded very quickly during the summer season. Looking for affordable car rental in Toronto? Advantage Car Rental is the obvious choice. Our modern fleet (of 2019 and 2020 models) makes journeys comfortable, reliable and economical. Best of all, you can have your car dropped off at your doorstep before the break of dawn to get an early start to your beach destination.