Modern safety systems have made cars a lot safer to drive and be driven in. Every model year ‘intelligent’ and new car safety features are introduced that prevent accidents from distracted driving, sudden stops, poor visibility and drowsiness. Whether you are getting car rental in Toronto or buying a car in 2020, make sure it has some or all of these safety systems. Not only will they keep you safe, they can lower your insurance premium too.

Pretty much every manufacturer has its own name for car safety features. Read the brochure to find out what’s what.

New car safety systems in 2020

Forward Collision Warning: Detects impending collision with an object or pedestrian in front of the car and alerts the driver using light and sound warnings.

Automatic Emergency Braking: When a potential frontal collision with a car or pedestrian is detected a warning is given to the driver and the brakes are applied automatically. It may not be able to prevent the accident but can reduce its severity.

City AEB: Automatic emergency braking that protects drivers from slow speed bumps such as during parking and reversing.

Pedestrian Detection: The system detects pedestrians and cyclists and warns drivers. It is particularly useful while reversing and around blind corners.

Lane Departure Warning: Using cameras it monitors the vehicle’s position within lane and warns drivers if they are approaching or crossing over lane markings without using the indicator.

Lane Keeping Assist: Uses brakes and steering to steer the vehicle back into the lane. Some systems can only prevent the vehicle from leaving the lane by jerking it back into lane, others can actively follow the lane’s curve.

Blind Spot Warning: Detects vehicles behind and in adjacent lanes, particularly those which are not visible in the side mirrors. Lights warn of proximity and alert the driver in case of an unsafe lane change.

Rear Cross Traffic Alert: Detects vehicles and pedestrians at the rear and to the side of the vehicle that may not be visible to the driver.

Adaptive Cruise Control: Uses the accelerator and the brakes to maintain a prescribed minimum distance between the driver and the vehicle in front when cruise control is engaged.

 “What are the five best safety features?”

If we had to choose the five best or most important safety features, we’d say:

  • Automatic emergency braking
  • Pedestrian detection
  • Lane keeping assist
  • Blind spot warning
  • Cross traffic alert

Safety systems cannot replace the awareness of the driver – they can only help drive more safely.

These augment a driver’s peripheral vision and make the roads safer for drivers and pedestrians. The safest car is one which is serviced and maintained according to the guidance issued by the manufacturer. When you book car rental in Toronto with us, you have the assurance that the vehicle and all its safety systems have been meticulously maintained.

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