The Perfect Couples Road Trip

February is probably the most romantic month of the year, Valentine’s day is right in the middle of the month and the weather is perfect for cuddling and getting some one on one time with the person you love. 2018 however, had different plans. Temperatures have been reaching the high teens and all the snow has melted away clearing all the roads.

The warm temperatures are sure to peak everyone’s Wanderlust ( A strong desire to travel) and since this is the most romantic month, now is the perfect time to rent a car in Toronto and experience a sight you have never seen before.

Here is a step by step guide to ensuring you have a great getaway weekend with the ones you love.

Find The Best Destination

Road trips don’t have to be a multi-day excursion. Ontario has so many incredible sights to see within a few hours of Toronto. For example, Hamilton has the Devils Punch Bowl. The Punch Bowl is a 35-meter waterfall just outside Hamilton that has picnic spots and trails all around the area for lots of early-spring fun.

If you are looking to make a weekend out of your romantic getaway, try Blue Mountain. Located just 2 hours from Downtown Toronto, Blue Mountain has skiing, spas, and hot springs. Everything you need to make amazing memories with your loved ones.

Choose The Perfect Rental Car

After you have chosen the right destination for you it is time to find the perfect way to get there. Advantage Car and Truck Rentals has a wide variety of vehicles to choose from. Are you looking to save on fuel?  Our Kia Forte’s are excellent on fuel and look amazing. Looking for something with a little more room? We just added a brand new batch of Honda CR V’s to the fleet. The CR V has plenty of room for all your bags making it the better choice for a two-day road trip.

Choosing the right rental car is imperative to have a great trip. Go to our Fleet Page to find the perfect rental car for you!

HONDA-CRV Advantage Rentals

Make Killer Playlists

Anyone who has been on a road trip knows how hard it is to find music everyone will enjoy. Growing up is was always my parents choice, which usually meant the news and traffic reports with a bit of country music every hour or so. Now as I travel with my girlfriend it is a constant battle to find something to listen to. Technology has been somewhat of a savior because after flipping back and forth between my music and hers for a while we usually just switch to a podcast about something we both enjoy. If you want to make a playlist you can both enjoy, Spotify offers thousands of playlists that combine almost every type of music imaginable. 

There you have it, three quick tips for planning a fantastic road trip with your special someone! Book your next rental with Advantage at one of our 10 locations by clicking our logo giving us a call at


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