Choosing The Right Moving Truck Rental For You!

March 31, 2017 Car Rental

  Picking The Right Moving Truck Rental Advantage Car and Truck Rentals is proud to offer a whole host of options when it comes to utility vehicles. Moving Trucks (Cube Trucks), Ford Transit Vans, Pickup Trucks and are built to make your life easier. Check out our reviews of the different vehicles in our utility […] full post

Car Rental Delivery

March 10, 2017 Car Rental

Did You Know Advantage Offers Car Rental Delivery! At Advantage Car and Truck Rentals, we want your rental experience to be as efficient and pleasurable as possible. It should be just as simple as showing up, hopping in your nice, clean rental and driving off but sometimes actually getting to your rental car can be the […] full post

Driving on Toll Roads with a Rental Car

March 3, 2017 Car Rental

Toll roads are defined as roads that the drivers must pay a fee for using them. Everyone loves convenience, especially when it means saving time and frustration. In the Greater Toronto Area, the 407 ETR is an amazing service available to commuters which its purpose is to ease congestion on other 400 series highways as well as […] full post

4 Easy Tips For Car Trips

February 17, 2017 Car Rental

Whether it is for your own car or a rental these 4 easy tips will make your next road trip a breeze! The Shower Caddie This has been one of the best car life hacks I have ever come across simply because I cannot think of a time where I haven’t used it while out […] full post

What To Do When Picking Up Your Rental

January 20, 2017 Car Rental

Nobody likes waiting around for anything let alone when they are in a hurry and at Advantage Car and Truck Rentals we believe that time is money so here a few tips to help streamline your rental process and get you on the road sooner. Make Sure The Car Will Suit Your Needs This may […] full post

New Years In The GTA

December 30, 2016 Car Rental

Everybody loves New Years, it’s an excuse to get together with family and friends and rejoice in the year that has passed and to plan and look forward to the year ahead. Advantage Car And Truck Rentals wants to help you celebrate with our lists of the best places to celebrate the new year in […] full post

Advantage Guide To Holiday Road Trips

December 23, 2016 Car Rental

The Holidays are in full swing and everybody has places to be, their are office parties and children’s recitals to attend not to mention making sure to spend equal time with all of the relatives even if it means traveling all over the map in the same day to make sure to fit everyone in. […] full post

7 Must Have Apps For Any Driver

December 16, 2016 Car Rental

7 Must Have Apps For Every Driver Waze & While the navigation apps that come already installed on your phone are all fine and well none of them hold a candle to Waze. Waze is a community-based app which means people are always updating in real time, who knows the road conditions better than people […] full post

Corporate Accounts

November 30, 2016 Car Rental

An Advantage Car and Truck Rental Corporate Account almost a necessity if your business requires travel anywhere within the GTA. The Greater Toronto Area is Canada’s Largest Business Hub, it is home to countless offices, warehouses and stores. What a lot of people, not from the area, don’t realize is how spread out the GTA […] full post

5 Tips To Being A Safer Driver This Winter

November 22, 2016 Car Rental

Here at Advantage Car and Truck Rentals we want you to stay safe this winter. Canada is known for its ever changing weather, you can drive through snow, sleet and ice all in the same one hour drive. To help you on your way during this harsh season we have compiled a few simple tips […] full post