New Distracted Driving Laws

January 18, 2018 Car Rental

The New Ontario Distracted Driving Laws   Ontario already has some pretty strict distracted driving laws and rightfully so, distracted driving results in someone getting injured in Ontario every half hour. New laws just passed that will make the penalties even tougher and it is won’t be long before they take effect. At Advantage, we want […] full post

Best Holiday Car Rental 2018

November 23, 2017 Car Rental

Best Holiday Car Rental 2018 Edition The holidays are always a hectic time of year, there is so much to do and so many people and places you need to visit. That is why every year we put together a list of the best cars we have in our fleet for making your holidays a little […] full post

Tips For Traveling With Kids

October 19, 2017 Car Rental

Tips For Roadtripping In A Rental Car With Kids   Traveling with children is an incredibly rewarding experience for both you and your child. You get to bond and spend time together, see new and exciting things and probably have a few good stories to tell when your trip is over. Travelling with children can […] full post

Getting Ready For A Long Road Trip

October 5, 2017 Car Rental

Simplify Your Next Road Trip With Advantage   This weekend I find myself heading to a wedding about 45 minutes on the other side of Ottawa and I could not be more excited. My friends are getting married and I get to visit our nation’s capital, something I haven’t done since I was very young. […] full post

GTA Events Happening This September

September 7, 2017 Car Rental

The Ultimate September Toronto To Do List September is a busy month in Toronto, the weather is cooling down but fewer people are leaving on weekends for vacations and cottage trips and most importantly school is back in session. Thousands of new and returning students are flooding back to the different schools across Toronto and […] full post

10 Questions About Renting A Car

August 24, 2017 Car Rental

10 Most Asked Rental Questions   Renting a car can be an exciting experience, and you no doubt have a lot of questions!  We at Advantage Car and Truck Rentals have answered some of the most frequently asked questions we receive when people want to rent a car so you can be confident you are […] full post

Advantage Review; The 2018 Kia Rio

August 3, 2017 Car Rental

2018 Kia Rio Car Rental Review     Make the last few months of summer count, rent the 2018 Kia Rio from Advantage Car and Truck Rental. The Kia Rio is a compact hatchback that is the perfect rental for anyone looking for style and fuel efficiency. The best choice for anyone that has a […] full post

Advantage August Adventures!

July 27, 2017 Car Rental

Adventures In The GTA This August! Can you believe it? August is almost here! Canada’s precious few summer months are already almost over and done with, it won’t be long before the kids are back in school and the leaves start to change. Alas, with the end upon us and one glorious final summer month […] full post

The Perfect Rental Car For Your Vacation

July 13, 2017 Car Rental

The Perfect Rental Car For Your Vacation Summer is one of the most exciting times of the year in Canada, The nation’s natural beauty is revealed from the blankets of snow that cover our landscape in the winter. There are hidden gems all across the country, many close to home here in Ontario, from Hamilton, […] full post

The Official Advantage Car Rental Quick Guide

June 29, 2017 Car Rental

The Official Advantage Car Rental Quick Guide Renting a car can be an exciting time especially if it is not something you do on a regular basis. Our motto is “In The End… Service Wins”, these are the words we live by and as an extension of that we have put together our list of […] full post