Simple tricks anyone can use to save fuel while driving

May 11, 2020 Article Fuel saving

The Covid-19 pandemic has driven the price of gas down dramatically. But that doesn’t mean driving doesn’t have an impact on the environment. Driving economically – to reduce your fuel bill and save the planet – starts with the driver. It doesn’t matter if you are driving an econobox; drive it badly and you’ll end […] full post

What to look for when buying a used car

October 28, 2019 Article

Shopping for a used car can be quite challenging, especially considering how big an expenditure it can be. Sometimes you can easily end up with a faulty vehicle (a ‘lemon’), no matter how knowledgeable you are with cars. The whole process might seem overwhelming at first, but when done right, buying used can prove to […] full post

Decoding the writing on tires

October 21, 2019 Article

At first glance, the writing on your tire’s sidewall may seem like an amalgam of random letters and numbers. But that alphanumeric jumble can tell you a lot more than you than expect. In fact, learning how to read tire numbers will give you great insight into the exact type and size of your tires […] full post

5 Best Dash Cams for Canada

October 7, 2019 Article

As a car owner in Canada, acquiring and installing a dash cam is one of the most necessary and useful investments you can make. Driving inevitably entails the underlying possibility of mishaps. Sometimes, no matter how good of a driver you are, accidents will happen. As Mississauga most respected car rentals, trust us when we […] full post

Car Review: BMW 3 Series 2020 Set to Retain Hold over Canada’s Heart

September 23, 2019 Article

Actually, there’s a fallacy in that title. The BMW 3 Series for 2020 will win over hearts all over again. And, yes, the new bigger grill has something to do with it. Before we talk about the upcoming ‘3’, let’s take a look at what the BMW 3 Series (2019 model) did not quite get […] full post

Safe Driving Tips for Autumn Driving in Ontario

September 16, 2019 Article

Stop! Just because there’s no snow or ice on the roads doesn’t mean Ontario driving in the autumn is any easier. Fall in the province means leaves. Add water to the mix and you can land in a world of hurt. In this article we are listing out some simple, no-cost and very effective safe driving […] full post

Complete Guide to Car Warranty in Canada – And Why It’s so Important

September 9, 2019 Article

Buying a car in Canada? Make sure you pay attention to the warranty. ‘3 Years or 60,000km’, ‘Basic’ or ‘Comprehensive’ – that’s how warranty is pitched to prospective buyers today. Warranty is not something you should avoid with your heart (and pay instead for the Apple CarPlay or Android Auto upgrade), it’s something you should […] full post

Ferdinand Piech: 5 Shocking Moves and How He Made VW the World’s Biggest Carmaker

September 2, 2019 Article

Ferdinand Piech. That’s not a name too many will know. But this Austrian engineer is one of the most influential figures in automobiles – ever. Late in August 2019, the sudden passing of Mr. Piech shook the automotive world. As former chairman of the Volkswagen Group, Ferdinand Piech architected the rise of the company to […] full post

5 Instances Where Rental Cars Are Ideal for the Budget Oriented Millennial

May 7, 2019 Article BLOGS Did You Know

They say millennial’s today must know two things, to drive and to cook. However, driving is easy, maintaining a car and its overall costs aren’t. So, if you’re an individual who doesn’t own a car, chances are you have a budget you like sticking to. Now, several times, if you’re late to work, have an […] full post

Last Minute Family Day Adventures

December 4, 2018 Article BLOGS

Last Minute Family Day Adventures! Family Day is on Monday and everyone has been looking forward to it since January 2nd when we all had to go back to work after winter break. Lots of people use the extra day to relax at home and stay away from the freezing winter winds but if you […] full post