Did You Know? The Nissan Rogue One

February 3, 2017 BLOGS Did You Know

Nissan partnered with the film Rogue One; A Star Wars Story to release a limited edition Nissan Rogue called the Rogue One Edition. Only 400 of these beautiful cars will be sold in all of Canada Some of the special features included in the Rogue One Edition Include: Limited Edition Chrome Front Door Patch Star […]

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Advantage Reviews: Mercedes Benz C300

January 27, 2017 BLOGS Review

Mercedes Benz C300 Review   Ladies and gentleman Valentine’s day is a lot closer than you think, so this year don’t get caught off guard and try to find a nice gift at the last second the day before. Plan ahead by renting the gorgeous 2016 Mercedes C300 from Advantage Car and Truck Rental and […]

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Did You Know? 407 ETR Facts

January 27, 2017 BLOGS

  Did You Know the 407 Express Toll Road is the first completely electronic toll road in the world. As of 2010 more than 350,000 cars use the 407 ETR everyday making up more than 2.3 Billion total kilometers driven since its opening in 1997.   The 407 ETR is responsible for all its own […]

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Advantage Reviews Jaguar XF

January 20, 2017 BLOGS Review

Do you want to impress your friends? Do you want to make a lasting impression on your business partners? Or maybe you just feel like treating yourself to something nice the next time you need to rent a car? The Jaguar XF is the best car for doing all of those things as well as […]

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Filming In Toronto Did You Know?

January 20, 2017 BLOGS Did You Know

Did You Know?   Did you know Toronto is a major filming hub for many movies and TV shows? Many major motion pictures choose to shoot in Toronto because of the amazing tax benefits that come along with shooting north of the border. Toronto is a sprawling metropolis that, in a pinch, can be shot […]

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What To Do When Picking Up Your Rental

January 20, 2017 Article BLOGS

Nobody likes waiting around for anything let alone when they are in a hurry and at Advantage Car and Truck Rentals we believe that time is money so here a few tips to help streamline your rental process and get you on the road sooner.   Make Sure The Car Will Suit Your Needs This […]

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What To Do When You Win Our Trip To Niagara Falls

January 13, 2017 Article BLOGS

As you may have already heard, we are giving away a weekend for two to Niagara Falls. Entering is easy all you have to do is rent from Advantage Car and Truck Rentals for a total of five (5) days between December 26 2016 and January 31 2017, that’s it, rent five times and you […]

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Advantage Review Mazda 3

January 13, 2017 Article Review

Mazda 3   Driving downtown in any city can be tough, and Toronto may be one of the worst offenders. Two way streets that turn into one way streets for no apparent reason, impossible to find parking, streets you can only turn left on between 3 and 3:30 am, it can be frustrating. Luckily, Advantage […]

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The First Canadian Automobile

January 13, 2017 BLOGS Did You Know

The first Canadian Automobile  was produced in 1867 by Henry Seth Taylor, although it was not very well received and most people thought it was just a novelty that would never last. Fast forward to 1904 when Ford opened the Ford Motor Company of Canada and the industry exploded by 1913 there were over 50,000 […]

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Weekend Winter Getaways

January 6, 2017 Article BLOGS

Do you need a holiday after your holiday? Sure, spending time with friends and family is amazing and rewarding but it is also exhausting, that’s why you deserve a reward for surviving the responsibilities of the holidays before you get back to the responsibilities of the office. That’s why here at Advantage Car and Truck […]

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